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Whether you're looking for adventure or nature, the Western Slope offers some of the most exciting places to see and experience in Colorado. No matter how you enjoy the winter in Grand Junction, there is plenty of fun, interesting and scenic things to do. Walking the trails allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature while admiring the rocky landscape of Grand Junction. Besides the Colorado National Monument, there is also a hiking trail to take if you are looking for some activity.

Even if you're not a camper, the Grand Mesa ride is the icing on the cake of a beautiful trip to the western slope.

If you have only a few hours, you can make the 23-mile drive and then stop at Grand Mesa Lodge to enjoy the views of the Colorado National Monument and its many hiking trails. Another popular hike is the Mesa Lakes Loop, a 2.8-mile loop that starts at Mesa Lakes Lodge and is classified as easy. If you have time all day, you can choose between different climbing possibilities and also hike at the National Monument of Colorado.

At least an hour closer to the Utah park, Colorado National Monument offers hiking trails and recreational and sight-seeing opportunities. To the west is the 23-mile Rimrock Drive, which includes Gunnison National Park's Grand Canyon and its many hiking trails. Recreation and recreation opportunities include the Canyon de la Plata, Colorado's highest mountain, with its towering monoliths. It is even surpassed by the more famous size of the Grand Prismatic Spring, one of Utah's most famous mountain peaks.

Don't miss Colorado River State Park, which offers hiking trails and leisure and attractions, as well as the Grand Prismatic Spring and Grand Canyon.

In addition to the various activities, the scenery and location are also a good reason to visit Grand Junction. There are many fun things to do, from hiking and camping to fishing, camping, hiking, biking and more.

Across the valley, Mount Garfield is the most striking peak you can see as you arrive at Grand Junction. Below are some of our favorite trails in GJ, but here's a list of all the trails around Grand Junction. When I say ascent, I really mean ascent to the east entrance of the Colorado National Monument.

The colorful cliffs and steep cliffs at the top of Mount Garfield are simply unmissable, rising south and west of Grand Junction. Grand Mesa is also known for being the largest flat peak in the world and for discovering over 300 lakes. To the east is the Grand Canyon of the Rocky Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but forget the steep rocks and walls at the top.

Outdoor activities include hiking, camping, mountain biking, skiing, snowshoeing, fishing, climbing and much more. State and federal protected public lands, such as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Grand Canyon of the Rocky Mountains, as well as a variety of other national parks.

One of the biggest attractions is the Grand Mesa National Forest, which is filled with hiking, biking, mountain biking, skiing, snowshoeing and other outdoor activities. Grand Mesa is one of Colorado's most popular hiking and cycling destinations, located in the heart of Grand Canyon National Park, which is filled with a mix of flat mountains, steep cliffs and steep, rocky slopes.

Grand Canyon National Park has a number of golf courses, including the Grand Mesa Public Golf Course, which Golf Digest has ranked # 1 Public Golf Course in Colorado. The 9-hole course has a variety of courses, from par-3 to par-4, and is one of the most popular courses on the golf course of the park.

The Colorado River connects Palisade with Grand Junction and Fruita for a 28-mile stretch, and there's plenty to explore on foot. Rock Drive stretches for 23 miles of adrenaline-fuelled, hairpin bends and steady climbs. With the exception of a handful of short detours, there are options for roadies and occasional cruisers, with the Riverfront Trail, Grand Canyon National Park Trail and Pali Ridge Trail being almost all asphalted. Rent a bike from Brown Cycles for $5 a day to explore the riverside trail and several other trails in the park, or rent a bike from the local bike shop.

The Grand Mesa National Forest is the largest flat mountain in the world, and if you're interested in hiking, read this article from Visit Grand Junction. The streams that flow into the lake are experienced by outdoor players, but for those of us who are only here for a short time, we recommend planning a two-day excursion through the park. This brings you to the Grand Canyon National Park Trail and Pali Ridge Trail, both of which wind their way through the hills west of the Grand Canyon intersection.

Did you know that there is a large shopping mall on the west slope that spans eastern Utah and western Colorado? The Grand Junction Shopping Center, the largest in the United States, has more than 1,000 shops, restaurants and hotels to name a few. Visitors will find a variety of activities, but here are some of the best places for toddlers to participate under adult supervision.

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