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As the calendar moves to December, we have a number of great events in Grand Junction to celebrate the end of the year and the start of a new year. First of all, however, I would like to help you to ring in the last year of this decade. Double Tree hotel in Grand Junction invites you to the evening festivities that begin with a prelude to NYE. Come and join us at the Carville Auto Mart while skiers and snowboarders grind the rails and have fun all afternoon.

There will be plenty of drinks and special camaraderie, and I bet you don't want the party to end that quickly. When it's time to see the ball drop, we'll have a fully stocked bar and menu to complete our party for the night.

Michelle Boisvenue - Fox is the library director of Mesa County Libraries and works with partners and library staff to work on community issues and work with the community on these issues. She is a member of the Grand Junction Humane Society's Committee on Animal Education and currently leads a group on the loss of pets at the Roice Hurst Humane Society and supports Humane Education groups in our community.

Ms. Martinez has been invited to speak and show her art in over 106 cities on four continents, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London. Her memoir, "Love Never Quits," which documents her family's journey, won a Gold Seal at the Mom's Choice Awards. Woman Martínez's efforts have been highly praised and are part of the Grand Junction Arts Council's annual Art in the City series. Personally, I have long prioritized art as a means of self-expression, but also as a convenient means of self-realization.

Red Fox Cellars in nearby Palisade also hosts a James Bond casino, so have fun! The Mesa Theater in Grand Junction will host the annual New Year's Eve party with live music, food and drinks from 5: 00 p.m. to midnight on New Year's Eve.

If you've never seen Mac Lethal live, you'll miss one of America's best shows. Pound for pound, the Kansas City rapper puts on a performance that will not be forgotten. His speed is testament to the issues he tackles and he is a great orator for anyone who can cope with the fear of public speaking.

Growing up in a corn field in rural Illinois, the fertile soil and lack of population fueled my imagination and a lifetime of artistic endeavors. As a graduate director, I have experienced the only asset of a community that gains in value with age. I organize myself to help people understand the value they can create for themselves and their communities.

I graduated from Mesa College and began my professional career with a degree in business administration before working as an integration engineer in a national laboratory. I learned about trees and their benefits to communities from the ground up and eventually found a way to stick with them. Geoff spends his time on various musical projects, while retaining his skills in the fine arts through freelance graphic design.

Bernie lived in Grand Junction all his life and was President and CEO of West Star Aviation from 1986 to 1995. He served two terms in the Colorado General Assembly, two years as Secretary of State for Colorado and four years as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

We have been working with homeless, poor and hospice patients for 7 years and are happy to share our experience with supportive technology in the hope of inspiring others to discover their own technology toolbox. The outdoor activities that are rooted in our Colorado way of life are no different today than on any other day. Our general mood as a community is one of hope, kindness and optimism for the future, which is a welcome sight as we begin to venture into unknown territory in 2019.

Mrs Martinez was honoured for her work with refugees in Greece and has made it her mission to help the refugees who have come to Greece to flee their war-torn country.

Ms. Martinez has dedicated the past four years to volunteering on the ground in Greece, offering art workshops to vulnerable refugees and sharing her art through pop-up exhibitions with the support of communities around the world.

She and her husband Aaron adopted their boy from Guatemala, but life took a frightening turn when they discovered that their young son had been neglected after picking him up. Diana is a social worker and a member of the International Women's Rights Centre. She is a strong woman determined to change the perception of women's abilities and to stand up for the rights of all women.

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