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Grand Junction is an ideal place to plan a day trip or a week - a long expedition into the surrounding natural beauty. There are many other attractions in the city that visitors can enjoy, including the Grand Junction Museum of Natural History, Grand Canyon National Park and many more. Whether you are looking for day trips or weeks, longer expeditions, it is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway or even a day trip. With over 1,000 km of hiking trails, mountain bike trails and many parks, there are many fun things to do in and around the city.

Recreation and attractions - Attractions include Grand Canyon National Park, Colorado State Park and the towering monoliths of Grand Junction itself. It can also serve as an arc, and there are many outdoor destinations in and around it that are worth a visit.

Hopefully these are just some of the attractions and things to do in Grand Junction, Colorado in the weeks and months ahead.

Adventurous travelers will be thrilled to add the Bangs Canyon Trailhead to their list of activities in Grand Junction. With the exception of a handful of short detours, the options for roadies and occasional cruisers are connected to a nearly continuous paved path along the Colorado River that connects Palisade to the Paliade, from the Grand Junction to Fruita within a 28-mile span. To the west is 23-mile Rimrock Drive, which includes a scenic drive through Utah that runs from the city of Grand Rapids, Colorado, west and then north to Grand Canyon National Park.

Colorado National Monument, which is at least an hour closer to the park in Utah, and the Trailhead at Bangs Canyon Trailhead in Grand Junction.

There are five sections, and they are all located in the Grand Junction area, covering a total of about 2,500 acres, or about 1,000 square miles. There are four trails in each of the five sections, as well as one at Bangs Canyon Trailhead in Grand Mesa, which is about an hour closer to the Utah park than the Colorado National Monument.

The best way to explore the monument is to follow the sign for I-70 in Fruita, and the East Entrance is about half a mile west of Grand Junction International Airport. The most attractive single trail is the 1.5 km trail from Bangs Canyon Trailhead in Grand Mesa to the park entrance at the southeast corner of FruitA.

The most spectacular 20 miles of the canyon are located in Black Canyon Gunnison National Park, located south of Grand Junction, where hiking, biking, mountain biking and other outdoor activities are popular. Follow Interstate 70 to the Grand Valley, where its two rivers converge and the vineyards line the east and west sides of the canyon and the west side of Fruita.

In addition to the various activities, the scenery and location are also a good reason to visit Grand Junction. To show you where to go sightseeing, we've listed some of the most popular attractions in the Grand Valley, as well as some of our favorite restaurants and shops.

Below we have described some of our favorite trails in GJ, and for all levels of difficulty there are many opportunities to take with a bit of luck. Here is a list of routes around Grand Junction, with links to the most popular and popular routes for every experience level.

The city is the most populous community in western Colorado and has a council - a kind of administration. Located in Mesa County, the city boasts more than 2,000 square miles of public parks and hiking trails that offer fishing, wildlife watching and active seniors. Grand Junction is located at the center of the state's iconic natural attractions, including the Colorado National Monument and Grand Canyon National Park. It has been dug over millions of years by water and wind and covers over 1.5 million acres of land in the Rocky Mountain region and is home to some of Colorado's most beautiful landscapes and wildlife.

The Rock Drive rim stretches for 23 miles, with adrenaline-fuelled hairpin bends and steady climbs. This relatively undiscovered national monument is a delight, as it features steep, walled canyons with naturally shaped towers and battlements, as well as Grand Canyon National Park.

SH 340 starts on First Street in downtown Grand Junction and passes through the city, through Redlands, before ending at the entrance to Grand Canyon National Park on the other side of the Colorado River. SH 340 runs south on Main Street, starts and ends near Rock Drive and then runs north along the Rocky Mountain Expressway through Redland.

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